Frequently asked questions

Delivery Vehicles

When will my investment start?

The investment will start when the target amount has been reached. If you are investing R 3,000 you will be notified once we have reached the target amount and you will be provided with specific details on the investment.

Who will rent the assets?

The partner company has a database of realiable drivers/riders that will rent the assets from them. The drivers/riders deliver on behalf of UberEats, MrD and TakeALot just to name of a few.

How often will you update me on my investment?

We will provide you with an update twice a year on how the investment is performing.

Who is the partner company?

SVC Cars is a fleet management company that will be dealing with the renters and making sure the bikes are always in good conditition in order to safe guard your investment.

Is my capital gauranteed?

No, your capital is not gauranteed. All bikes are insured and should anything happen to the bike they will be covered by insurance.

Is the return gauranteed?

No, the return shown is a projected return. It could be more or less than what is shown on the investment.

What fees will I pay?

You will pay an upfront fee of R 100 for every R 3,000 invested.


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